From Ohio to Dublin: a once in a lifetime adventure full of leprechauns, potatoes, guinness and craic!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Who Am I?

Hi friends!

My name is Katie, and this is my blog! It’s funny, a lot of times people wonder why certain people have blogs or twitters (or update their facebook status every 10 minutes)… People wonder, “Who cares?” Well, I'm certainly not a celebrity and I'm not a writer but I hope to share with you interesting experiences from my study abroad program in Dublin, and at the very least hope you learn a little bit about this diverse city and what it has to offer. I am from a little town in Ohio called Kent, and I go to school at Elon University in North Carolina. This is my first real time in a big city so its been overwhelmingly exciting since I arrived… too much to do in such a small period of time! So enjoy hearing about my time in Dublin… the things I’ve tried, seen, loved, and have failed miserably at.

Slainte, Katie

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